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For Valentines day I wanted to make Sean one of his favourite sweet treats ever! Coconut Ice. I had a look around at different recipes and tried a few. I found most recipes I tried turned out to be too wet or lacking in flavour. I tweaked the recipe and came up with something that it is perfect in constancy and super yummy in flavour.

This recipe is made up for 3 main ingredients, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Desiccated Coconut & Icing Sugar. Other family members and I found that this was lacking in flavour, I decided so add some vanilla. I found that this acts in a similar way to salt. Instead of tasting like nothing but a mouth full of sugar, it really brought out the sweetness and the nuttiness and gave each bite depth.

200g Desiccated Coconut
225g Condensed Milk
340g Icing Sugar
1Tsp Vanilla Extract

The traditional method is to have half and half colours (Pink and White) but of course you can do this on block colour. You can of course make in one big blob and then separate after. I personally find it easier to half the recipe and colour on half of the condensed milk before incorporating the other ingredients. If you are going to separate the mixture into two colours and use two bowls anyway, I think it is worth doing it this way. I find it ensures an even colour and a let mixing in the long run. 

I then line a square pan with grease proof paper to ensure it pops out easier. This mixture is very sticky and as much as I hate doing so, I had to use my hands to push it into the tin. The colour you would like to be the flattest you want to push in first. For me I like to have the pink on top so this one goes in first. Once this is pushed out to all the edges and as even in height as possible, I then start working on the white layer. You want to leave this to set in the fridge for at least 3 hours. You can then chop into any shape you like. For Sean's present I used a heart cutter and cut it into hearts. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of this and the Heart Ice is no more! 

Let me know if you try this out! It is super easy and yummy to make! It's a perfect one to do with littlies as there is absolutely no baking involved and they can get their hands right in there!


Deep Green Chocolate Smokey Eye Product List

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Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Anti Ageing Therapy // HollySamanthaa

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For years and years now, I have struggled with deep expression lines all over my face. Some may say this shows that you have lived, you have cried and you have smiled... I totally get that and think its amazing to have smile lines ect as you age. I am only 25, for years I have massively struggled with lines on my face. I think its partly due to the face I have very little sleep and have suffered with insomnia for many years now. I feel like this has helped contribute to the lines underneath my eyes. I also have incredibly dry skin. For the most part if you have oily skin you are more likely to age better.    

I received a massive box of goodies before Christmas from The Blogger Programme. One of the Skincare bits I received was a Skin Renewal  - Anti Ageing Therapy set from Swiss Clinic. This set is one of those anti ageing skincare sets that uses micro needles to increase the collagen production in your skin.

What's in the kit?
In the kit you receive a skin roller that has 540 0.5mm micro needles & Rejuvenating skin serum.

I have put of starting this as I am actually pretty squeamish when it comes to needles. That being said I have a very high pain threshold and really shouldn't have been worried at all.  

How do you use it?
Step one - Spray the roller with sanitizing spray. 
Step two - Make sure your skin is clean.
Step 3 - Roll the needle roller over the desired areas. You want to do this for a few minutes. I just did this until my skin felt uncomfortable, I didn't want to over do it. I focused this on my forehead expression lines, under my eyes and my smile lines.
Step 4 - Apply Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Serum. 
You want to do this for 5-7 days. You can do this as often as you feel necessary. I have done this for 5 days now and I must say I am super impressed with the results.

What does it do?
Rolling the needles over your face creates micro channels in your skin, this triggers your body to start its natural healing process. The micro channels that have been created in the skin help to absorb the rejuvenating serum up to 300% more. This process helps to trigger the collagen production process in your skin. This will help with the production of new skin cells and builds up the skins elastin.

My final thoughts.
I have been doing this for 5 days now and I am so so pleased with the initial results. While lines are still visible  when I move and pull faces, when I then relax my face the lines are not as deeply set as they normally are. The pain really isn't painful at all, it's just more of an uncomfortable feeling, kind of like having your eyebrows tweezed really fast or your areas on your face threaded. I love the fact that you can do this from the comfort of your own home. You want to do this as part of your night time routine as you will experience redness.

Before Picture.

Right After Application Redness. 

Day 5 Skin.

While this is a higher price point for a skincare item I would normally use, I honestly think with something like this, you get what you pay for. It really has done an incredible job with my skin so far and I can't wait to see how my skin improves over the next few treatments. If you were to go to a clinic to have this done, you would be paying hundreds of thousands for a one off treatment. I think the price point is very reasonable for this kind of product, its not just a one off treatment, you can do this multiple times in the comfort of your own home.

Where can I buy it?
For 15% off enter the code HOLLY15UK

To see this product in action check out my first impression review video below.

Have you ever had needles used on your face? Do you think you would try a kit like this? Let me know, I would love to know your thoughts on this. I honestly never thought I would be brave enough but I'm so so glad I have.

This post is sponsored by Swiss Clinic.


Tesco Baby Event - Helpful Friendly Advice // HollySamanthaa

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On Saturday I took a trip to my local Tesco in the hopes to pick up some bargains in my weekly shop. One of my favourite emails to receive are Baby Club Event emails. I you are already or a parent to be, you will probably know that baby and toddler bits and bobs really add up. To be able to get a great deal on these products is a massive help.

This event is set up differently to how they normal. When you first go into store you will be greeted by members of the Baby Club team. Here you can sign up to Tesco Baby Club and your child will receive a sticker. 

Going round the store they have other little stands with different themes and friendly advice for helping to care for your little ones. The next stand I went to had little food samples (I did actually try this myself) This stand is fantastic for if your little one is about to start/or is currently weening. You can experience a quick walk though of how to make some easy healthy snacks. You can also pick up free recipes flyers, that are quick and simple to recreate yourself at home. I would have loved to have had something like this available to me when I was weening Katarina. I didn't want to buy baby food. I made my own (Just personal preference). And I feel like a simple flyer like this would have been super handy. Books are great but sometimes the meals can be a bit complex and expensive. Especially if your little one decides the absolutely hate the recipe and then the whole batch is wasted.

At the next stand, they walked me though some nice examples of bath and bed routines. I was shown some fantastic products that would be perfect to use on Katarina during and post bath. These products are currently on fantastic offers, this is when I choose to buy something new. I wouldn't want to pay out full price for a product if it might not necessarily work out for Katarina.

My favourite part of the Baby Events have always been the deals on nappies! This is always the time when I would stock up like crazy. Nappies are expensive, are used once then binned... I don't think I have ever paid full price for nappies EVER! While Katarina isn't in nappies anymore, she does occasionally wear Pull up pants. She only wears these if we are going for a long drive or we are going somewhere that doesn't have easy access to a toilet. Like a big walk in the woods for example. If you would like to hear our potty training & dry night experience then please let me know if you would find this helpful. I picked up a few more packs of pull up pants as backups and continued to do my Tesco shop. I love that I can do my baby and food shop in one trip under one roof. Shopping with a toddler is a task in itself, let alone having to go to multiple places.

This was a fantastic experience to have in store and it left me feeling very informed and up beat. I would have found this so helpful a few years ago when Katarina was a little younger and if you have the time to pop into your local Tesco I would really recommend you do so.

Let me know if you have been to the Tesco Baby Event already. If you have did you pick any helpful tips? If you do go I would love to know.

This post is sponsored by Tesco.


My Goals for 2017 | HollySamanthaa

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Baby CPR With Tesco & St John Ambulance Ad

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Would you know what to do if your baby/child stopped breathing?
¾ Parents say the first aid scenario that scares them the most, is their baby/child stopping breathing. Only ¼ Parents know how to perform CPR on a baby/child.

Tesco have teamed up with St John Ambulance to raise awareness and help teach parents how to give a baby CPR.

Tesco have come out with babygrow to help teach baby CPR. This is an extension on their nursery rhyme campaign released earlier this year. This campaign has already saved at least 1 child’s life! The babygrow comes with this cute design of humpty dumpty important life saving information. There is a full set of step-by-step instructions on the inside of the babygrow. While your baby won’t always be wearing the babygrow, putting it on and off your baby will be a frequent CPR refresher.

*Tesco will be giving away free limited edition babygrows in selected stores on 13 October while stocks last, and helping to fundraise for St John Ambulance’s lifesaving work with a suggested donation of £3 per babygrow 

If you don’t know how to perform baby CPR, here is a quick and informative video that can help you. 

Learning this has certainly helped to put my mind at ease. Although I haven’t experienced Katarina fully stopping breathing, I did have to spend a long scary night in hospital with her as she was struggling to breathe with very low oxygen levels. The whole experience was terrifying! I feel like a lot of parents will benefit from watching this video (I’m hoping I never have to do this) But I’m glad I know how to perform baby CPR incase I do.

Visit Tesco to get your free limited edition babygrow from 13 October while stocks last (suggested donation of £3 to St John Ambulance) and to find out other ways to help a baby visit

*This post is sponsored by Tesco

Lots of love


Mums Day Off | HollySamanthaa

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As a full time mummy/Blogger I don't often get the chance to take some time off for myself. It is important that we try take some time to do this where we can. I say.. as I try and type this with a toddler jumping all over me trying to kiss both my cheeks.. one of the things I really enjoy doing is going solo shopping. I love being able to whip round the shops or take my time if I choose to. While I enjoy going shopping with friends I sometimes feel pressured to be speedy. I'm also one of those people who likes to go back to the same shop to look at the same item a few times before buying.

I like to go shopping in comfy clothes. I feel like this is very important if you want to enjoy your overall shopping experience. I hate being too layered up so that I feel stuffy inside shops but I also don't want to be cold in-between shops. When having a browse round the town I like to make sure that I'm wearing super comfy shoes! No one likes achey feet while they are waiting in queues. Today I have opted for these stylish but super comfy Crocs. I feel like i'm standing on two cushions. They offer the perfect amount of support for my feet. I have incredibly flat feet so I feel like I really benefit from the small wedge and platform. 

Outfit: Crocs. White top & Jeans - Primark. Trench Jacket - Boohoo. Watch - Fossil. Bag - Dorothy Perkins.  

After going round the shops, I like to meet up with a couple of friends for a drink and a catch up. This is something I unfortunately only get to do very rarely. 

This is how I like to spend a #MomsDayOff . How would you spend yours? Post your pictures on any social platform with the hashtag #MomsDayOffContest and follow @Crocseu to be in for a chance to win a Crocs gift card worth $50 (£30) and $100 (£70) towards your day off activity of your choice. 10 winners will be picked!! If that isn't exciting enough there will also be 50 runners up who will receive a Crocs gift card worth $50 (£30).

* This post is sponsored by Crocs.

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