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Mermaid Inspired Makeup


First I Applied Urban Decay Eye shadow primer potion to my eye. This is to prime the lids for eyeshadow application. I also decided to use a small ammount of MAC painterly paint pot to my eye as a base. I did this because i have found that some of the products that i have used can actually stain your eye lid, so this will help to minnimize and staining.

I Then Applied MAC Vanilla eye shadow to my highlight area under my brow bone. I appied this using my Sigma E50 Large Fluff Brush.

Next I used a BarryM Dazzel Dust and this is number 83. I Took this on my Revlon concealer brush, I sprayed the brush with one spritz of water so the brush was damp. This will give the colour a more vibrant effect and decrease fall out. I applied this on the inner two thirds of my eyelid. I the took the BarryM fine glitter dust 20, I also applied this wet using a synthetic QVS brush. I Then used MUA eyeshadow in shade 9 and applied this dry using Sigma ss 219 on the outer third of my crease. Finally I used a hot pink Dazzel Dust dry and applied this to the inner two thirds of my crease using a Sigma ss 219.

I Then Applied Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss to my upper lash line

I Applied 2true eye definer shade 15 to my waterline.

I then applied Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Shade 5 to my lower Lash Line. This Is What Inspired Me To Do This Makeup Look.

I then curled my eyelashes and applied one coat of Colossal Mascara

Next I Applied Red Cherry Lashes #38 Using DUO eyelash adhesive.

To My Cheeks I applied NYX cream blush in Hot Pink with a Sigma ss168 and to set the blush I used Natural Collections Blush In Pink cloud.

To Finnish The Look Off I Used MUA Lipgloss In shade 3.

Hope You Enjoyed My First Post xxx
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