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August Glossy Box

Just like all the other months my Glossy Box came packaged beautifully.

At first glance this box looked really exciting and I think that Glossy box are starting to redeem themsleves. As I have said in past Glossy box videos I was really worried the first month was an impress the bloggers box as it was just too good to be true....A FULL size Narz Orgasum Illuminator WOW, it then went down hill from there but now I feel like they are picking it up.

Glossy Card: AHAVA - Mineral Body Lotion
Part of Ahava's new skin reborn range, this quickly absorbed richly moisturizing lotion draws on the properties of dead skin minerals to effectively hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.
This product has a very soapy sent, It reminds me of hotel soap that you get, Probably a weird description but thats how it smells to me. From what I can tell testing it out only once, It does absorb into the skin quickly, It does not leave an oily feel to the skin and there is no sticky resedue. I think im going to like this product for this reason. I hate applying lotions to my skin and then feel like im sticking to my clothing as that really bothers me.

Glossy Card: DANIEL SADLER - Baby Jet Mascara
BABY JET Is especially ideal for very short lashes around the inner and outer corner of the eyes. The micro-fine is perfect for precise, non-messy application.
I have tried out this mascara only used in once and I'm in love. This mascara gave me beautiful length and definition to my lashes with one coat. I also felt that this mascara gave them a slight curl without curling my lashes.

The Wand for this mascara is sooooooooooo teeny tiny. Its just as thin as the wand part of the mascara.

This is a picture of my lashes once I had applied one coat of the mascara to my upper lashes, Just look how much length it has given my lashes, I really think im going to be a huge fan of this mascara.

Glossy Card: REBEL NAILS - Nail Wraps
Welcome to the nail revolution! Rebel Nails' nail wraps are easy to apply, long lasting and kind to nails. No chipping, fading or wear. Amazing professional finishes and designs are available at your finger (or toe) tips!
I Haven't tried thease out yet but when I do I will be sure to take pictures and let you know how it goes.

I recived design with a white background and red lips.

Glossy Card: MURAD - Time Release Blemish Cleanser
Salicylic acid is the hero ingredient in this dual action, extra gental cleanser. Clinically proven to increase cell turn over, It reduce blemishes while deminishing wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth and glowing!
I Personaly have been very luck with my skin in the Acne department as I have never suffered from it, I do tend to get breakouts around my chin area from time to time so I may try it out then. The biggest issue I have has with the skin on my face is that it is very dry and from time to time I suffer form exma so I dont think this product will benefit me.

Glossy Card: KMS CALIFORNIA - HAIRSTAY Style Boost
Primer for your hair! The foam-to-liquid crackle formula enhances natural movement and bounce while boosting the preformance of styleing product for styles that last.
I didn't read the card before I squirted it onto my hand, I was very shocked when the foam started to form into a liquid and sounded like rice crispys going snap crackle and pop. I was like AHHHHHH And whiped it off. Then I read the card and realised this is what is supposted to happen. It is very diffrent from any other product I have ever seen. I have yet to try it in my hair, I will let you know how it goes when I do.

Here you can see it changing from a foam to a liquid.

Almost all liquid.
I am very happy with the very diffrent and very unique things that came in this months glossy box and I can't wait to get next months box :)
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