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L'Oréal Expertise Event


L'Oréal Expertise Event

Hello everyone this is my first post for 2012 I am going to make a real effort to blog this year so that you can see thinks that aren't nessaserly worth making a whole video about.I recently attended the L'Oréal expertise PR event. I had a wonderful time and got to meet soooo many lovely people.

L'Oréal Paris UK are going to be releasing their new hair line In February 2012. This is their Expertise range. This is their new Premium range and is sulfate free. They have 3 categories that they are focusing on, Ever Pure, Ever Sleek And Ever Strong.

What are slufates?

Sulfates are an additive that are in many shampoo and conditioners. Sulfates are what give shampoos their rich lather. Sulfates can leave a film like layer over the hair that makes it feel really soft and look very glossy but it may not actually be penetrating into the hair and conditioning it properly, it may just be putting a layer over the hairs. Depending on your hair type sulfates can tend to dry out your hair. If you have colour treated hair then they can also strip the colour from the hairs.

Ever Pure

The Ever Pure range is the largest range that they are offering as they think most people will tend to fall under this category. This range is offering colour protection, Moisture and volume. These are the 3 elements that people tend to look for when buying a shampoo of conditioner. So many people these days have coloured hair and want to keep it looking healthy and vibrant, Moisture is needed though out the cold, windy winter months and almost every one loves volume! Infused with rosemary, juniper and mint botanical oils. In this range they also offer a heat protectant, leave in hair creme, intense mask and a shine serum.

Ever Sleek

Ever Sleek is aimed towards people with thick, coarse & frizzy hair. This range is to help control the fizz and nourish the hair. This range is infused with sunflower botanical extract. This rang also offers an intense mask, any frizz serum and heat protectant.

Ever Strong

The Ever Strong range is aimed at all those who love to blow dry, straighten, curl, have fragile or brittle hair. This range helps to condition and revitalise your hairs and make them feel stronger. Ever Strong is infused with rosemary and juniper botanical oils. Ever Strong also offer a hair mask.

My Hair - I got recommended the Ever Pure as I have coloured hair and it is in very good condition. I don't tend to put too much heat on my hair as it is up most of the time due to the fact that I am on a dance course. I got told that I need more moisture in my hair, this could be due to the fact that i dye my hair, I also have really dry flakey skin so my hair is possible the same as i can normally go about 4 days before I wash it.

My Thoughts - After washing my hair i defiantly noticed a difference in my hair it was more volumised and didn't feel as dry. My hair also felt a lot lighter. I was really worried that putting a shampoo with moisturising properties in my hair would make it get greasy more quickly but it hasn't changed it. It feels more moisturised but doesn't get greasy quick. I Think they are a fair price. £5.99 is only a pound of so more then what the average person pays for a shampoo or conditioner and you only use half the amount each time as they are really highly concentrated so really you are getting more for your money. They have worked really well for my hair and I think it is a product that I will be using for a very long time.

I would just like to say thank you to L'Oréal Paris UK for having me I really enjoyed myself and it was lovely meeting you all.x

If anyone has tried these products I would LOVE to know what you think about them.

Love Holly xxx

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