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Sigma Sigmax Precision Kit


Hello everyone

Today I'm going to be talking about the Sigma Sigmax Precision kit. This kit consists of 4 brushes all of which have synthetic fibbers. This is good because the bristles to not absorb product and work really we'll with cream and liquid products. these brushes are also good for people agains animal cruelty as they are all synthetic and do not use natural bristles.

The First brush in the kit is the P80, This is a very small flat top kabuki brush. I really like this brush for applying paint pots as I find that it places and blend product evenly over the eye lid area. I also like this brush if I get larger break out areas as it covers good surface area but is still small enough to get in those hard to reach areas of the face.

The P82 works beautifully under the eyes for concealer. It is a round top kabuki, the sake of the bristles make it very sort and blends out product lovely. Because of the shape of the brush i don't find it too harsh to use on my under eye area as this is a very delicate area and you do not want to cause any premature lines.

P84 This kabuki brush is angled and I find that it works really well for contouring smaller areas like the nose of even precise contouring of the cheek bones. Because this brush is so dense if does not apply product heavily and blends it out as you are applying the product.

P86 I use this bush for applying cream highlighters as I find that the tip of the product can place it accurately so that the highlight is not spread across the face. I then like to use the side of the brush to blend it out.

The Brushes have a shiny black handle, This can be annoying if you have anything on your fingers when you are using the brushes as it leaves horrible looking finger prints on the handle. The name of the brush is holographic I personally really like this, I think it looks really pretty and they have Sigma engraved into the brush ferrule.

I Really love these brushes I actually got mine as the complete Sigmax Kit and this was my birthday present from Beau and adore them would recommend them for people who do a lot of makeup or just looking to expand their brush collection.

Love Holly xXx

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