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Haul Revlon Lip Butter & Maybelline Color Tattoo

Hello everyone hope you are all well, So I decided to take advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer that it currently on. This is for all hair, Brushes, Nails and Makeup though out the whole store. Im not sure how long this offer is on for so I would go down to Boots ASAP :)

I knew that the Revlon lip butters and the Maybelline color tattoos had just been released in the UK. I don't know if this is the same for all Boots but mine was only stocking 4 out of the 6 colours Gold, Bronze, Blue and Grey. Where as my Superdrug was stocking all 6 as there is also a Purple and a Taupe too. It looks like we are only going to get 6 colours where as the US have 10. The US have slightly different packaging and we also have different names compared to them.

They are vey comparable to MAC paint pots with 3 differences all of which are Pros.
1. The price MAC paint pots are £13.50 - Maybelline £4.99 So the Maybelline ones are a fraction of the price.
2.They are a lot more creamy. The MAC paint pots tend to have a dryer constancy meaning it is harder to achieve a nice even application. The Maybelline ones are really creamy and more pigmented and just glide onto the skin giving an even coverage. The Maybelline color tattoos are also a lot more pigmented.
3.They don't crease when worn alone. I don't suffer from oily eyelids. If you have watched any of my YouTube videos you will know that I suffer from really dry skin. Saying that if I wanted to wear a MAC paint pot n its own it will have creased with in an hour. I was able to wear a Maybelline Color Tattoo all day on its own with no creasing what so ever.

I don't think I am going to purchase another paint pot again with the exception of Painterly as Maybelline don't offer a colour like this. They will also be fantastic for my makeup tutorials as they are so easily accessible and affordable for any one YAY :)

v Bronze On Bronze ^

v Eternal Gold ^

^Bronze On Bronze - Eternal Gold^

v With Flash v

I found that looking at Eternal Gold in the pot it looked very similar to MAC big bounce eyeshadow in Impeccably Rich

I only bought one Revlon lip butter as my friend from the US said she would send me some and had already purchased some so I bought one that she hasn't bought me this is in the colour Strawberry Shortcake.

v With Flash ^

With out flash ^
v With flash

No Flash ^
v With Flash

v No Flash ^

v With Flash

Eternal Gold - Impeccably Rich

v With Flash

When swatch on skin they don't look as similar. If any of you have tried any of these let me know what you think about them and if there are any colours that you think I must own let me know

Thank you for reading

Love as always Holly xXx
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