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All About My Hair Colour


All About My 
Hair Colour

Hello everyone so today I thought I would do a post on my hair colour. I seem to get asked a lot in everyday life and in my videos what colour my hair is.

The Colour I use is L'Oréal Féria P37 Plum Power.

I have now been this colour since August 2011 and I love it. I find that the colour really doesn't fade to much. In fact it goes from a reddish/purple to a more vibrant red. As my hair is sooo dark you can't really tell when I get roots so I tend to re dye the colour ever 3-4 months. My hair is currently at 19.5 inches and I can get away with using just the one box. I would say I have normal hair its not too thick and it is not thin. 

I defiantly don't see myself changing the colour anytime soon. I get so many compliments on it and it photographs Beautifully.

To see the technique I use when dying hair click here. This is a video that I did for MakeupByMiaEve channel I do my hair in the exact same way. Some may argue that this is not the way it should be done but everyone dyes hair differently and this is the way we found works best for us.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Lots Of Love 


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