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At Home Gel Manicure (Soak Off)


At Home Soak Off Gel Manicure

Hey guys! So today I have a rather exciting post for you!! so everyone has been loving getting a Shellac style manicure. Shellac is a hybrid product taking the best properties from gel and nail polish. It applies like nail polish but acts like a gel. It is very durable and very glossy. The manicure will last for 2 weeks with no chipping or scratching. I have found a cheaper alternative this is Beauties Factory Cheez. It works the same as shellac for a fraction on the price. Shellac is also difficult to get hold of unless you are a professional in the beauty world. Most people like me are not so this is a great way to give yourself your own soak of gel manicure at home.

The set that I bought is called "Purple Love" In this set you get 6 colours and for you you will receive the bace and top coat. This only costs £37.31 When bought from this site

NOW DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! There is now a uk site for buying beauties factory items this is Although it is the same products for £65.99!!!! so please please make sure you don't get caught out by this.

What you will need
Cuticle pusher
Cuticle nipper (optional) 
Dehydrator or acetone 
Cheez Base gel (comes free with kit)
Colour Cheez
Cheez top coat 
UV Lamp

Hope you are as excited as I am that you can now get a shellac style manicure at home for very cheap. Please a lot remember to buy from the right website or you will loose out on a lot of money!!

Please watch this video if you want to see the tutorial and will will see you guys soon 


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