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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Gobi

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So today I'm going to be talking about my Favourite foundation EVER. So I picked up
this foundation about a year ago... And LOVE IT!! 

This was the only foundation that I would wear for a while as I would tend to find that drugstore foundations would just make my skin look dry and flakey.

MY first bottle is still going strong! even tho I use it almost every single day. I bought the pump for my first bottle and find that just under a pump does my whole face. The pump was under a fiver and I would totally recommend it as you don't waste extra product. I do have to say tho that I do have a small face and this could be why the foundation has lasted me this long.

The foundation gives a really nice medium coverage which I like as it is enough to cover redness that I get when I dance/Cheerlead but not too much so that my freckles can still be seen.

I wouldn't really say that this foundation makes your skin "Glow" I would say that is has a more natural finnish too it. It lasts all day on my skin and defiantly rate it.

I bought a back up the other day as its hard to see how much of the bottle has been used up and I don't want to be upset when I go to use it one morning and find that there is no product left.

I dont wear this on a day to day basis anymore as I don't want to waste it just for going to uni, I tend to save it for special occasions or when I really need my makeup to last. I have now found a drugstore foundation that works with my skin and this is the Rimmel Wake me up foundation in Ivory. For me this gets the job done for everyday use :D

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