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Cheering for Kiehl's Beauty Boutique Windsor - 1st Birthday

 Saturday 1st June our cheer squad got offered a really exciting opportunity.

Kiehl's Beauty Boutique in Windsor wanted to celebrate there 1st Birthday of the shop being open with an American theme.

The manager contacted our captain and asked if we would like to cheer outside their shop for them. We found this very fitting as we have been invited to America next year to represent GB In the level 2 co-ed category.

In excahnge for our time we each got to choose an Item from their shop up to £55. When we were there the lady was explaining that they are most famous for their body butter. I chose the fragranced one that cam in the tub. They also do one with out fragrance that comes in a bottle with a pump.

I went for the *Creme De Crops as it had a thicker constituency and I suffer from very dry skin. This is also the product that is used on Victoria Secret models before they go on the catwalk.

When we first arrived in windsor we took some pictures with swans as we are BNU Swans ;)  

We then went and found the shop and showed of our stuff. Bearing in mind this was very scary as we had not matts and were doing it on concrete. We had a really fun time and had our pictures taken with sooo many people...... Until security freaked out as it was in the enclosed bit and is not public land....they were worried about their insurance even tho we have our own insurance. 

many people we impressed as Cheerleading isn't something many people get to see or are aware that it happens in the UK. we had many people like woah wow when stunting so it was fun while it lasted.

We then went down by the river to have lunch and take some pictures and sadly say goodbye to some of our 3rd year Swans :(

It was a lovely day out we all had so much Fun and would like to thank Kiehl's for this exciting opportunity. 


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