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Hey Guys so Greg from Kringle candles kindly sent over some candles for me to try. This was very exciting for me as you guys know I love filling my home with things that smell Amazing and very welcoming. 

He was kind enough to send a wide range of products for me to try. Candles of different scents and sizes. I was also lucky enough to receive a potporri warmer, This product is very similar to Scentsy except this one involves and open flame instead of a lightbulb.

He sent over a wide range of scents of the Potpourri for me to try. (My Description)
Mango - Smells like legit fresh mango, does not smell artificial.
Water Colours - Very sweet and almost fruity.
Citrus and sage - Smells like a fresh mens shower gel.
Tranquill Waters - Very Fresh.
Rainy Day - Very fresh but sweet.
Beachside - Smells like the wind at the beach that picks up salt and suncream.

It looks like a plain white wax and you break off 2 or 3 chunks and place into the top of the warmer with a tea light lit in the bottom. This will cause the wax to melt and the scent to fill the air. CAUTION use a long lighter to light the tea light once the great it clipped in otherwise the tea light will bounce when you clip it in.

These 2 are their day light candles they are a lot bigger then a tea light you can see the comparison in the video. RRP £2.50 will burn for 12 hours.

This next candle is a medium Apothecary jar, this will burn between 50 - 70 hours. RRP £15.99 the scent is Honeydew Melon and it is spot on! Smells so true to the fruit and does not smell artificial  

This next candle is a Large Apothecary jar, this will burn between 90 - 130 hours. RRP £19.99 the scent is Warm cotton, it smells like the tumble dryer has just finished and your clothes smell amazingly fresh. 

If you are a candle lover like me I hope you enjoyed this post :) Have you used Kringle Candles before? If so what are your favourite scents?


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