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Tresor Paris Event Autumn - Winter Collection


Hey guys as some of you may know back in june I was invited to the Tresor Paris Summer Collection Launch. To read about this click here. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Autumn Winter collection Launch. It was held at the stunning Westbury Hotel in Mayfair. This was a HUGE press event compared to the last event. The event before was a VIP Blogger event held at their very pretty office and was bloggers only. This event was MASSIVE and very overwhelming hence the lack of footage in my vlog.

They have come out with some stunning items for their different collections that are working with charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Rugby For Heroes & Marie Curie. (This is why you can see the big sparkly decorative fruits and rugby ball) I wasn't able to get pictures of all the new items as it got very busy but I hope you enjoy looking at what I was able to get.

As you can see from this picture there were Sooo many people at this event.

The venue was Stunning and I am so thankful to have been inited to such a beautiful event.

The Goodie bag, I was shocked to have received a goodie bag considering how many people were at this event. I'm really excited about everything that is in this bag, The attention to detail is Beautiful. They were doing separate bags for men and women which I think was really sweet of them.

I was very surprised to have received another item of jewellery and am very thankful. This bracelet is the same colour as the one that we received at the first event. This one is slightly chunkier and has a different beaded pattern. In the picture below you can see it layered with the one that I received at the first event. I think the look Beautiful layered up.

I went to the event with Sabrina, Lucy and Kassia.
After the event Sabrina and I went for Nandos and we had an amazing night together I got home around 11pm so I apologise about the lighting at the end part of my vlog.

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