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The Vampire Diaries - Stefan Salvator - Makeup Tutorial | HoLlYsAmAnThAa

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Hey Guys so as most of you probably know that I have been doing looks from The Vampire Diaries for over a year now. As it is coming up to halloween I really wanted to re create the "Vampire" looks from Stefan And Katherine. I thought this look would be perfect on my little brother Alex He looks more like Stefan then Damon.

Makeup Used In Order
Eyelash Glue
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 
BarryM Red Khol Pencil
Sleek Blush Scandalous 
Matt Black Eyeshadow
Mac Feline Khol Power Pencil
Matt Brown Eyeshadow
Fake Blood Pound land 

Brushes Used In Order
Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender
Sigma E50 
Crown Brush Synthetic Blending Brush
Elf Sponge Wedge 

To watch the tutorial click below

Thank you for stopping by, Love as Always


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