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Hot Chocolate Gift Idea | Valentines Treat/Gifts | #HollySamanthaaTreats | HollySamanthaa

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Hot Chocolate Gift

This gift idea is so so quick and simple! It is great if like me you leave things to the last minute! A lot of the items you may already have hidden away in your kitchen!

• I started off by filling a piping bag with hot chocolate until half full.

• I the sprinkled some chocolate chips on top. You can do this with anything! You could also do marshmallow, chocolate flakes, sugar, powdered milk or sprinkles.

• I then twisted the bag and tied it up with a silver tie. You can give this as a gift idea on its own. If you want to take it further, I placed the bag into a mug and bagged it up in a cellophane, complete with a bow!

Very quick and simple! 

Valentines doesn't have to be about spending the evening with a guy or girl! You can spend it with loved ones! (Beau doesn't do Valentines Day!!) And I am sure they will love these yummy cookies!

I look forward to your feed back & If you do decide to recreate them please make sure to send me a picture and use the hashtag #HollySamanthaaTreats 

Lots Of Love


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