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Rose Birthday Cake | HollySamanthaa #HollySamanthaaTreatsPlace

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Rose Birthday Cake

The other week I made this birthday cake to celebrate my Great Grandmas 90th Birthday & thought I would film it for you. This is the first time I have ever baked for my GGma and I wanted it to be perfect as she is an AMAZING baker! It all went horribly wrong tho! The butter didn't want to cream with the sugar properly as it was a very cold day! Even with the heating on full!! I then levelled my bottom layer of cake to find it was still slightly raw in the middle... Gutted! And finally when I made my butter cream it was so lovely and creamy, probably one of the best I have ever made...Until you left it for all of 5 minutes and it completely set *sad face* This made piping very hard and really hurt my wrist! because it was so cold it made making quite a simple cake very difficult! From my Great Grandma all the way down to Katarina we currently have 5 generations of girls in the family! 

•Preheat your oven to 175•c

•You want to start off by making any cake mix of your choice. I use "this" one by Woodland bakery

•Colour the mix three shades of your desired colour. I chose pink. I use the Wilton colour pastes.

•Bake for about 25 minutes of until a skewer comes out clean! (very important to check this well. One of my layers was under baked)

•Place on a cooling rack.

•While your cakes are cooling you want to make your buttercream. I used 500g Butter : 1KG Icing Sugar.

•Flavour your butter cream, I went for lemon. I class this as a double bath of butter cream so I used 2Tsp Lemon Extract.

•If your butter cream isn't creamy enough for you, you can add some milk. Do not add too much liquid or your butter cream will split.

•Apply some butter cream to your cake board so your cake will stick.

•Level off your cakes.

•Trim off the outside crust. I used a plate to guide me.

•Place your first layer onto the board and cover in a thin layer of buttercream.

•Add a layer of jam. I used strawberry. You want to leave a gap of about an inch so the jam doesn't over flow.

•Place your next prepared layer of sponge on top and repeat. 

•When your cake has an all over crumb coat, you want to place this into the fridge for about 10 minutes to set up.

•I then applied a generous/even layer of pink butter cream going round the edge of the cake. 

•Now is when you want to clean up any edges on the board.

•I then went round the cake with a wilton comb.

•Fill a piping bag with 2 colours of butter cream. (I wish I did 3) I am using the Wilton 2D Star Tip.

•Pipe roses onto your cake top. fill in any gaps with stars using the same tip.

•To finish the cake off I went between the came and the board and pushed in little white and pink candy balls.

And your cake is now complete!!

If you recreate this I would LOVE to see a picture! I love seeing what you come up with! To make it easier for me to find them use the hashtag #HollySamanthaaTreats

Lots Of Love


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