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Rose Cupcakes | Valentines Treat/Gifts | #HollySamanthaaTreats | HollySamanthaa

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Rose Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so simple and fun to make!

•You want to start off by making any cake mix of your choice. I use "this" one by Woodland bakery

•Scoop the mixture into cake cases.

•Bake for about 20 minutes, you can check that they are full cooked by poking a sharp knife into the cake. If it come out clean it is done.

•Allow the cakes too cool on a wire rack.

•While your cakes are cooling, start to make your buttercream.

•When I make butter cream I use a 1:2 Butter:Icing Sugar. 250g Unsalted Butter: 500g Icing Sugar.

•Add milk if you feel like it is not creamy enough.

•Add your desired flavour, I went with lemon.

•Separate the mixture into 3 bowls.

•Leave one plain and colour the other two, two different shades of pink (or your desired colour)

•Prepare a piping bag with a Wilton 2D star tip.

•Scoop teaspoon sized of each colour butter cream until the bag is full.

•Pipe your roses.

You can leave them plain. Or what I chose to do was melt down some while chocolate and place into a heart mould. The one I used is actually a ice cube tray from Primark.

Very quick and simple! 

Valentines doesn't have to be about spending the evening with a guy or girl! You can spend it with loved ones! (Beau doesn't do Valentines Day!!) And I am sure they will love these yummy cookies!

I look forward to your feed back & If you do decide to recreate them please make sure to send me a picture and use the hashtag #HollySamanthaaTreats 

Lots Of Love


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