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Eyebrow Routine | HollySamanthaa

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Today I'm going to be talking all about my brows. I have had a lot of questions and comments on these babies the passed few weeks, and I feel like I have finally got them down to a shape and style that I am happy with.

Tinting - Every 3-4 weeks I like to tint my eyebrows. I have done this for any years now and find it works well every time. You can buy a tinting kit from Boots or Superdrug for under £10! This kit will last a year! If not longer! Under a tenner for tinted brows for a year! Can't really go wrong with that now can you! I have a whole in depth tutorial on how I do this. You can watch this HERE The tinting kit I use is called Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint - Dark Brown - £8.25

Shaping - When shaping by eyebrows I don't do anything too drastic. I just pull away any strays that don't fit into my desired shape. I just use a pair of £1 Primark tweezers to do this.

Concealer - I go around the whole of my eyebrow with a small amount of concealer. This is mainly because recently, my brows have been the first thing I have been doing in my face routine. this means foundation can be applied with ease & so can any eye bases.

Brow Powder - The brow powder I am loving! Is the Freedom Makeup Brow Duo - Medium Brown. To apply this I have been using my Zoeva 317 Wing liner brush. I start by filling in the inner portion of my eyebrow with the lighter shade. I then move onto the darker shade and fill in the rest. I extend my eyebrows but only a teeny tiny amount. Nothing too drastic.

Clean up - I then go round with some concealer on a Sigma E15 Flat Definer brush. Just to clean up any mistakes and make them look really clean and on point!

Set - To set my brows I have been using the Benefit Gimme Brow - Medium/Deep. This just sets the brow hairs into place and helps to make them look a little thicker.

Do you use any of these products yourself? Or want to try any of them out? I would love to know what you love to use to fill in your brows!

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