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Baby CPR With Tesco & St John Ambulance Ad

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Would you know what to do if your baby/child stopped breathing?
¾ Parents say the first aid scenario that scares them the most, is their baby/child stopping breathing. Only ¼ Parents know how to perform CPR on a baby/child.

Tesco have teamed up with St John Ambulance to raise awareness and help teach parents how to give a baby CPR.

Tesco have come out with babygrow to help teach baby CPR. This is an extension on their nursery rhyme campaign released earlier this year. This campaign has already saved at least 1 child’s life! The babygrow comes with this cute design of humpty dumpty important life saving information. There is a full set of step-by-step instructions on the inside of the babygrow. While your baby won’t always be wearing the babygrow, putting it on and off your baby will be a frequent CPR refresher.

*Tesco will be giving away free limited edition babygrows in selected stores on 13 October while stocks last, and helping to fundraise for St John Ambulance’s lifesaving work with a suggested donation of £3 per babygrow 

If you don’t know how to perform baby CPR, here is a quick and informative video that can help you. 

Learning this has certainly helped to put my mind at ease. Although I haven’t experienced Katarina fully stopping breathing, I did have to spend a long scary night in hospital with her as she was struggling to breathe with very low oxygen levels. The whole experience was terrifying! I feel like a lot of parents will benefit from watching this video (I’m hoping I never have to do this) But I’m glad I know how to perform baby CPR incase I do.

Visit Tesco to get your free limited edition babygrow from 13 October while stocks last (suggested donation of £3 to St John Ambulance) and to find out other ways to help a baby visit

*This post is sponsored by Tesco

Lots of love

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