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Tesco Baby Event - Helpful Friendly Advice // HollySamanthaa

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On Saturday I took a trip to my local Tesco in the hopes to pick up some bargains in my weekly shop. One of my favourite emails to receive are Baby Club Event emails. I you are already or a parent to be, you will probably know that baby and toddler bits and bobs really add up. To be able to get a great deal on these products is a massive help.

This event is set up differently to how they normal. When you first go into store you will be greeted by members of the Baby Club team. Here you can sign up to Tesco Baby Club and your child will receive a sticker. 

Going round the store they have other little stands with different themes and friendly advice for helping to care for your little ones. The next stand I went to had little food samples (I did actually try this myself) This stand is fantastic for if your little one is about to start/or is currently weening. You can experience a quick walk though of how to make some easy healthy snacks. You can also pick up free recipes flyers, that are quick and simple to recreate yourself at home. I would have loved to have had something like this available to me when I was weening Katarina. I didn't want to buy baby food. I made my own (Just personal preference). And I feel like a simple flyer like this would have been super handy. Books are great but sometimes the meals can be a bit complex and expensive. Especially if your little one decides the absolutely hate the recipe and then the whole batch is wasted.

At the next stand, they walked me though some nice examples of bath and bed routines. I was shown some fantastic products that would be perfect to use on Katarina during and post bath. These products are currently on fantastic offers, this is when I choose to buy something new. I wouldn't want to pay out full price for a product if it might not necessarily work out for Katarina.

My favourite part of the Baby Events have always been the deals on nappies! This is always the time when I would stock up like crazy. Nappies are expensive, are used once then binned... I don't think I have ever paid full price for nappies EVER! While Katarina isn't in nappies anymore, she does occasionally wear Pull up pants. She only wears these if we are going for a long drive or we are going somewhere that doesn't have easy access to a toilet. Like a big walk in the woods for example. If you would like to hear our potty training & dry night experience then please let me know if you would find this helpful. I picked up a few more packs of pull up pants as backups and continued to do my Tesco shop. I love that I can do my baby and food shop in one trip under one roof. Shopping with a toddler is a task in itself, let alone having to go to multiple places.

This was a fantastic experience to have in store and it left me feeling very informed and up beat. I would have found this so helpful a few years ago when Katarina was a little younger and if you have the time to pop into your local Tesco I would really recommend you do so.

Let me know if you have been to the Tesco Baby Event already. If you have did you pick any helpful tips? If you do go I would love to know.

This post is sponsored by Tesco.

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